I am Emiliano Carrasco "Jectoons".

I am a Mexican animator currently living in Canada.

I have been in the animation industry for 10 years and here you will find my portfolio and personal projects.

Regarding my personal work: I am a believer in Free Culture, and all my work is based around this concept. That means that, as the footer says, all my stuff is CC-BY.

If my personal work brings you any benefit or joy and you feel like supporting me economically, you can do so by purchasing something from my store or by making a donation through

A thousand thanks beforehand.

If you wanna check out what I've done professionally, click here.


All the stuff in this website is under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Except regarding third party content and when otherwise stated.

I acknowledge that I am on the unceded and unsurrendered land of the Halkomelem speaking peoples.